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How long do I have to make a claim for workers' compensation benefits?

An injured worker has three (3) years to file a Claim Petition if the initial claim for benefits has been denied by the employer or insurance company. Equally important is that you give NOTICE of the work injury to your employer (supervisor, manager, human resources etc. NOT just a coworker!) within 120 days. In certain cases, this 120 day notice request does not run until the injured worker knows about the injury and its possible relationship to employment.


Scarring Claims Under Workers' Compensation

Scarring to the head, face or neck resulting from on-the-job injuries are compensable under workers' compensation law. In order to qualify, the disfigurement must be "serious and permanent" and of such character as to produce and unsightly appearance. Disfigurement is usually caused by direct impact to the head or face. However, compensable scars can be produced by surgery for serious neck condition. Although surgeons usually do a good job, sometimes a neck surgery which produces an anterior scar (front) can be not only unsightly and permanent, but also embarrassing for the injured worker.


Federal Government Expressing Concern Over Workers' Comp Opt-Out Plans

In the last several years, both Texas and Oklahoma have allowed employers to opt out of providing workers' compensation coverage for their employees, and instead to offer plans that offer savings for employers but questionable levels of benefits for workers injured on the job. Though he admits to having only limited power over workers' comp because it is a state-run program, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez is pledging to do whatever he can to protect workers against these Workers' Compensation opt-out plans. His agency is currently investigating the legalities of the alternative to workers' compensation that many states are either allowing or considering allowing - Perez says that the programs are "undermining the basic bargain" for American workers.


Repetitive Use Injury and Workers' Compensation

Repetitive Use Trauma, also know as Cumulative Trauma injuries are absolutely recognized as valid disability claims under Pennsylvania law. Many people are confused as to whether they are entitled to claim benefits when their injury did not result from one specific incident such as a fall, impact or fracture at work. Skilled trade workers who use power tools are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome with develops gradually over years. Mechanics who kneel, bend or squat frequently are susceptible to knee and hip degeneration requiring joint replacement.


Sanitation Worker's Chemical Burn Results in $1.8 Million Jury Award

Workers' compensation is a benefit that promises injured workers that their employer will pay for medical expenses lost wages in exchange for them waiving their ability to file a lawsuit for damages. But in many cases, an employee who has been injured is able to file a lawsuit against a third party whose negligence contributed to or caused their accident. This scenario was perfectly seen in a case heard recently in Philadelphia, in which a sanitation worker filed suit against his employer's client for negligence that contributed to his injuries.


The Value of Working with a Workers' Compensation Attorney

The idea behind workers' compensation is simple, straightforward, and was created with the very best of intentions. It was designed to provide a tradeoff for worker and employer alike, providing an insurance policy that would provide workers injured on the job with wage replacement and medical benefits in exchange for them waiving the right to file a personal injury lawsuit claiming negligence against their employer. Some have referred to it as "the compensation bargain."


Do the insurance companies engage in video surveillance when I am on workers' compensation?

YES! The insurance companies do a lot more than snap photographs to try to "catch" you acting inconsistent with your disabling injury. As soon as the claim is made against it, insurers immediately assign investigators to search all social media including Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc. Sometimes they will send investigators to photograph or video your activities. Investigators can also access your insurance claim history to locate prior accidents/injuries to use against you. In extreme cases, investigators will interview neighbors for incriminating evidence. Ex-spouses have also proved to be good witnesses against an injured ex-spouse.


What if my disability developed over time and isn't a result of a specific accident?

Before 1972, disability had to occur as the result of an "accident" at work. The legislature changed the requirement to "injury at work" allowing workers to claim workers' compensation benefits for conditions that develop over time. This new definition includes what are known as repetitive-use-injuries or cumulative trauma injuries that can result from constant use of a vibrating tool or pneumatic guns.