Repetitive Stress Injuries 

A variety of U.S. workers encounter repetitive stress injuries that qualify them for workers' compensation benefits. Office workers, typists, butchers, auto mechanics, factory workers and operators of jackhammers and pneumatic tools often find themselves sidelined due to the repetitive natures of their jobs.

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Repetitive stress injuries happen when too much stress is placed on a joint. Repetitive motions and overwork cause tendons and muscles to become irritated or inflamed. Though the victim initially experiences only mild symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, ganglion cysts, bursitis and hearing loss, pain can increase until it interferes with his or her ability to work or perform routine daily activities.

Joseph DeRita is a board-certified workers' compensation lawyer who has handled thousands of claims in Bucks County, Schuylkill County and the Lehigh Valley during his 25 years of experience. He is one of very few lawyers in Pennsylvania who have tried cases to a million-dollar verdict in workers' compensation and a million-dollar jury verdict (as opposed to a settlement) — a very rare accomplishment.

Our skilled workers' comp lawyer offers free initial consultations and a contingency fee basis for his quality representation. You owe no attorney fee unless he wins your case.

Lehigh Valley Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Attorney Joseph DeRita — Big-City Experience, Small-Town Values That Get Results

You could be at risk for a repetitive stress injury if your job requires repeated:

  • Typing
  • Reaching, pushing or pulling
  • Lifting
  • Twisting
  • Bending
  • Kneeling or standing on a hard surface

In addition to wage and medical benefits you could qualify for, a repetitive stress injury may also make you eligible for a scheduled loss of use award — benefits for the permanent partial disability of an extremity or vision or hearing loss. These benefits could eventually come your way in a lump-sum settlement that allows you to never have to miss a day of work.

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